96 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020

Birt 22 nóv 2020
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This week, I went to Afghanistan and discovered something about this incredible country that I never expected. We can't wait to see Noor's school develop and are so incredibly grateful to this community for giving us the ability to make these life-changing dreams come true.
Check out Drew Binsky’s video on the trip here!
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  • Hey everyone, this is obviously a sensitive video for a few different reasons but I hope that you watch it with an open mind and enjoy an unusual story that I think is rarely told. Either way, I’m happy you’re here 🙏


    • 🙏you the besr

    • ⚔️🇦🇫⚔️ ⭕️ Yes Theory ⭕️U ASK HIM TAREAST 💧

    • ⚔️🇦🇫⚔️ ⭕️Yes Theory ⭕️ U ASK HIM TAREAST 💧


  • Watching the kids playing cricket is so beautiful. They’re all so innocent and light spirited, very moving to see.

  • Looking at these kids smiling and having fun is priceless. Regardless what happen, no one can take the peace of the children. Thanks for sharing, before you judge a country again, put in your mind: Every country has common people and kids trying to live their lives.

  • People see with your own eyes. These are the people that they show to be violent in the media. In fact they are friendly and hospitable. The truth is we are all siblings. Children of Adam and Eve.

  • I want to see what they think of Iraq

  • I've watched Drew's episode about Afghanistan but you took me to a different view of the country

  • Cmon bruh why you gotta make me cry when I’m about to eat White Castle😭😭😭

  • Hope u will visit Philippines soon, specifically here in Mindanao 🤗


  • What camera and mic were used? GoPro 8?

  • زنده باد همه پارسی زبانان 🇮🇷❤🇦🇫

  • The downside of this, is the lack of how the country would treat women who are traveling in their country. Other than that, I love the video of Afghanistan.

  • "Most dangourus country on earth" ... Antartica:"Hold mah beer"

  • Interesting, as soon as you land there you must wear thier costumes or else you probably would be seen as being disrespectful. Just like the tale, when in Rome do what the Romans do.

  • Thank you so much for doing this content. Having spent a lot of time in this wonderful country, I know that the people are exactly how you depicted them. As soon as the rest of the world realise that Afghanistan is a peace loving nation, that is unfortunately known for the actions of an invading force, the better

  • Love for Afghanistan from Pakistan

  • Amazing absolutely amazing. I just watched the Dalai Lama episode . You guys are such a special group of good hearted and smart young people. Yes theory is a fantastic creation of soul healing love in an easy enjoyable format that I wish everyone could see because I believe it would really impact everything thing we know about happyness and how it's found and practiced. I really like you guys. I may not be anyone but I really believe you gentalmen are showing a lot of people how to find happiness. Thank you

  • May God bless afghan people... Very good people ♥️💙💜💚

  • hello i am from afghanistan welcome to afghanistan lots of love from my side

  • What a beautiful country with incredible people...Love you afgan ....from India

  • Hi everyone. I am personally for bringing our American troops home after too many years in Afganistan. I am also quite a bit worried for the great n wonderful people there. I hope n pray that the people will unite n defend eachother from the Taliban ? I am going to work on my own ideas of how i can help in my own way. I noticed something on this vid about joining a text community? Sounds cool. Can someone please explain that a bit more? Lastly , what's the guys name in this video that had the blue scarf n blue outfit on? Thanks n God bless Afganistan.

  • These people deserve peace not war

  • Such a beautiful person

  • You seems to be a different person and please keep on your good work. Well done.

  • I love that whenever yes theory travels to another country ,they are incredibly respectful of the culture! You guys are amazing!!!!

  • Much respect to you for undertaking this trip and even more respect to you guys for not using click bait titles for your videos. I am eagerly watching the rest of your videos as I discovered your channel only recently - it started with the pyramid climb and then the Biosphere and the Disney castles…keep up the great work! I love what your channel is producing - great video, editing and content!!

  • He was in a weed circle lol ( reminded me of that 70s show )

  • 😔my country 🥰

  • The question is "how is life for people living in a Taliban controlled provinces especially children?...

  • Lets just hope Taliban don’t see this vid

  • This brought so much tears and felt so much love. Im a Roman Catholic and my bestfriend is a muslim, this video reminds me that its love above all. ❤️

  • This truly was so authentic and amazing. Seeing Iraq in a different light to what the media makes it out to be! Now I would love to visit

  • In our college we had a fair share students from Afghanistan. They were the most humble & hospitable crowd we have ever met. Whenever they all met on campus, everybody gave a sturdy handshake and a hug to everybody! They had a joke that, if you take 2 Afghanis who have never met before and put them in a room for awhile, they will talk and somehow find a thread relating them. The boys were very protective, respectful & humorous! I had read the kite runner right before my college was to start and I was curious about their culture. Became friends with them quickly and got obsessed with Afghanistan's history. This country is home to some of the best people in the world and they deserve so much better. This is a beautiful video. Thank you for using your platform to lift the veil of violence & show the love which is fighting harder & winning, than the artillery the country, people & culture is being subjected to.

  • 🤣 Full belly laugh. Good job at showing the local people ... letting your hair down and accepting the hospitality. All good stuff, really.

  • I love how he just got high wit da boisssss

  • Im sorry you had to take these f##ng tests 🤯🤯🤯 Nice thoughts in Afghanistan

  • I wish for a better Afghanistan, these people deserves to live in peace, كل الحب والسلام

    • Afghans speak persian not arabic

  • Very sad what us has done to the Middle East 💔 (ps don’t reply if you’ve been educated by American teachers and the news)

  • 🙏you the best

  • You people need to do better things with your time, sure it's exciting, but is it safe? and the answer is no. Why would you go someplace wear your safety is significantly in question? and if you're kidnapped at this point in time this government, couldn't do anything to help you the United States of America, would not have any way to help you. Companies like CNN, MSNBC, those people have security teams that escort them to those countries, you are a fool. I'm not impressed.

  • We see in media that afghanistan is the most dangerous country in the world

  • one word: exquisite!

  • Drew is the best, a nice surprise watching this video, thinking about his video and then seeing him and nour!

  • Thank you very much for showing real face of my country

  • damn, this vid.

  • Yes theory team, you are making a difference. Courage to be human is your central characteristic proven at its best in this video. You are leaving me speechless. Salutes. The soul of Afghanistan is as pure as every other human. India has a friendly history with Afghanistan. I truly wish this country a peaceful time as soon as possible. Namaste.

  • Hi Ruiz

  • 60 70 % area is controlled by Taliban's that means people are consent with their ruling and justice you cannot put 30 % view and justify them. plus this is propaganda against Taliban's that they do not let women to go to schools the thing is they are against co education.

  • i literally cried watching this

  • Sent this to my dad back in February, he's always talked about "turning the middle east into a parking lot" (aka bomb it into oblivion). I told him to please watch this, and he actually opened his eyes a lot. Humanity isn't lost on those who seem lost. Reach out to your people.

  • I accidentally seen your video. And now I am subscribed to it. The way you portray every contry is great. Thank you.

  • Wonderful vid. Great work.

  • Your friend love his country very well even they expereience lost and suffer giveup but he hold his personality to be tough, my tears drop of his story very authentic story i support you men all

  • Men i believe you charisma of people very connnected who ever they are in terms of color humanity is only way of Connecting people

  • My goal is to complete a full IRONMAN event this year at 62 years old, but unfortunately I have two Titanium knees, it’s never been done before and I will be the first, I’m signed up for the 2021 California inaugural Sacramento IRONMAN Oct 24th, can you help make my dream come true?

  • Can someone link me to the music playlist or just the names of all the songs in the video

  • How do I get in touch with Noor for my own travel to Afghanistan. My father and I would take care of him and pay handsomely.

  • Love from India & all the best to our beautiful neighbor, Afghanistan.

  • Would be awesome if you could revisit Afghanistan and see how the school is coming along

  • Taliban are peaceful people.. america is terrorist

  • Seriously, your video gives hopes to all those afghans out there seeking refugees in different countries.. this is such a positive message you are giving out for the world. I absolutely respect this community for coming out with such an incredible video.. and I hope one day Afghanistan will be free of their fears... the hopes in people's eyes could moves anyone to tears, may their hopes find a happy end.. Allah au Akhbar...

  • Im amazed at how beautiful parts are and really old just oooked at it like most bombed well Russians tried and America and allys these people need some peace ffs beautiful gesture at end amen

  • Always stay safe young man😳😫Your Brave!😣 Protection is upon you🙏and May war end in Afghanistan. Only Peace within this Country 🙏

  • Guys you doing amazing work . I wish I could experience with you guys one day . Let’s see how many years I will have to wait for that moments of my life . Stay blessed stay safe

  • Thanks for the documentary.

  • what do yoou mean with “no white people around” ?

  • Plz Visit the most militarized place in the world ##India Occupied Kashmir G8 content of the video

  • May permanent peace in your land come and that you all prosper

  • I'm a US Army Veteran who was one of first one who went to Iraq,,maybe next time if you are going to shoot a video in Iraq,,call me up, i'd love to go back and help them in any way i can.I really felt bad for people in Iraq and Afghanistan, majority of them are good and innocent.

  • Thanks for promoting the education.

  • I like all the countries even Afghanistan love from England

  • I alwats believe that there is some good person out there like you thomas and friends. Godblessed you.. 😍😍😍😍

  • Im just a little bit emotional when I watched this video, then when i see thise kids playing, im just imagining life when they have bombings sirround them.

  • I felt that growing up poor in America. And being black in a terrible neighborhood. It's hard to be strong. It makes you appreciate,life and makes you hungry for adventure and togetherness.

  • yall have no right to make me tear up that much. as a vet this makes me happy to see thanks, you guys.

  • Hi guys I was born there but now I live in België

  • Long Live (Viva) Afghanistan My Country 🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫

  • The 3k who disliked this video please comment bellow why 😑 this was deff a good video watched it all the way thru and felt honest ❤️

  • but imagine if thomas was a girl...how would this experience be different?

  • hey bro! come to Uzbekistan too

  • Bravo such an amazing video, it really opened my eyes in a way that has never happened regarding Afganistan. You are a good and brave man, I'm glad the world has young men like yourself with such good hearts for humanity.

  • Videos like this are the ones that remind everyone what it means to be human. In the end, we are all one. Amidst everything that is going on in the world and the constant division we see, experiences like this continue to happen. Thank you guys for sharing this and reminding us what life is all about.

  • America is the biggest terrorist in the world....

  • 16,38 “cmon a little bit sir don’t put too much”

  • I am very thankfull, that u show us the beautiful side of Afghanistan and I hope that my Land have one Day the Peace ❤🇦🇫

  • From men. For men.

  • Instead of showing Afghanistan and their people you are showing yourself in front of camera

  • We should recognize the Afghanistan isn’t terrorist country, they are so much friendly people.

  • Cool now do a 5 hours in Iraq Edit: it's just a joke he already did a video in Iraq

  • Amazing video and amazing people. Incredibly generous and yet facing constant uncertainty. God bless you and God bless Afghanistan

  • Why didnt Drew wanna go kick it with the Taliban? Those guys are legit bro

  • The same Taliban the United States government is now in bed with, after fighting a war for over 20 years with thousands of people dead, the question arises who has benefitted in this war?.

  • When next video

  • Noor name mean light in arabic and I’m sure that he will bring the light to these children and contribute to his country


  • Amazing video. 30 min felt like 10. Beautiful and inspiring.

  • You should visit Peshawar Pakistan.Then you will know whats hospitality is.

  • I have been a history student throughout my life and I developed a very interest in Afghanistan. This is the graveyard of civilization. In 1923, prior to Great game between two super powers, a landmark treaty was signed between then super power British Empire and Soviet Union. In that agreement Soviet Union agreed not to cross Amu river and enter Afghanistan. On the other hand British would not cross Khyber Pass into Afghanistan. Both Khyber and Amu Darya are interestingly very important to Islam. At Khyber in Saudi Arabia Prophet Muhammad made a last and final agreement with Jews. According to that agreement Jews agreed not conspire against Islam and warned them if they did they would have no guarantee of life in the world. What we see today is a conspiracy against Islam through Taliban and other organization in defiance to that written agreement. On 911 Jews failed miraculously against Islam when flight 93 did not took off in time from Newark Airport and did not hit its intended target the White House and whole plan failed.

  • can i have your contact number plz

  • More power to you Noor! ❤️