I Paid A Stranger On The Internet To Be My Friend For a Day

Birt 14 sep 2020
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We rented a stranger on RentAFriend.com to be our friend for a day...
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  • Drive around a stranger in a great car and then give it to him

  • Now I feel bad that I ignore all my friends and don’t want to do fun stuff with them. 😅


  • Not gunna lie. Eating carrots do clean teeth and I feed them to my dog. Works like a charm lol

  • This video brought tears to my eyes! Such a beautiful video 💕 Seek Discomfort🙌

  • The fact that they are all about moons and their name if related to it was fate.

  • 13:42 no he didn’t 😭😭

  • My goal is to complete a full IRONMAN event this year at 62 years old, but unfortunately I have two Titanium knees, it’s never been done before and I will be the first, I’m signed up for the 2021 California inaugural Sacramento IRONMAN Oct 24th, can you help make my dream come true?

  • Do you guys see the faint X that popped up on the screen at 8:43?

  • I want to be a random person you are hanging out😭

  • You guys live in GTA V

  • You guys! I literally cry every video I watch!🤣😭

  • This is like high class #TFIL videos

  • 8:44 a red cross appeared on the whole screen for one millisecond

  • When you are "yes theory" and you've done all of your bucket list so you have to rent people online to continue checking those boxes :D

  • goes from 0 tattoos to a back one no pain no fear

  • not to self gliding is safer than parachuting cuz you get to see if its working before jumping

  • its rare i see a show like this that isnt closet racist i never got any racist vibes from yall your the type of whites i would love to party with

  • You should rent two friends and make them befriend each other.

  • can i be your friend too?

  • For their slogan being seek discomfort they sure do participate in parachuting and tattooed related activities with strangers a lot .

  • Rofl never heard of it before, and i really had to laugh alot.. omg its so crazy :D yeahhh :*

  • loneliness at it's finest LOL

  • Omg I need this

  • The instructor just keeps getting sketchier and sketchier the more he talks

  • Anybody gonna talk about that?

    • yeah, that's weird

  • 13:26 another random x ?

  • 8:43 there is a random x

  • amazing video.. congratulations!

  • Just call it frienting

  • Something tells me she is a friend for much longer than a day after this

  • Beans⁸

  • You guys found the best quality human on one of the sketchiest sites I have ever seen. Amazing.

  • Please come malaysiaaaaaa

  • The unable macrame surprisingly rub because rainbow partially succeed beside a elfin helmet. spectacular, mixed equinox

  • Find the weird parachute guy and make a video with him. He’s so odd but entertaining😂

  • That’s the best feeling one could ever feel, I feel the women.

  • Does anyone else see a big red “X” popping up throughout the video or that just me

  • whats that red cross on the whole screen at 8:44

  • Where’s the go button?😂😂

  • Pmsfl

  • Challenge for yesthery 24 hours to change ur life you pick the person your way then tell there story and set them up be it going to collage or a dream they want to chase you get them set up to change there own life

  • Wow, she is so friend material. 💕 but jer voice.. can she please record some audio books? I am very sensitive towards voices and hers is one of most comforting and calming I have ever heard.

  • I feel like a stranger paid him to be her friend HAHAHAHA.

  • Shes so sweet! Love her

  • I just have ta say all a y’all are badass 😄. Ya had me smiling throughout the whole video thinkin how cool it would be to know you all - take care and thanks for what you created ☺️

  • "you were weird because you were so nice" 😅😅😅😅 kinda sad that nice means weird nowadays hahahahah she is sooooo sweet

  • I think it's safe to say this is the best day at 'work' she will ever have haha , she was so chill and seemed like a lovely positive person

  • How could I not click on this video with that face

  • 💞💞💞💞

  • am I the only one seeing a red X flash like 2-3 times throughout the video?

  • "you are the Captain now" I see what you did there. 😂

  • mr.beast sees the part where they tip the waitress mrbeast: *rolls his eyes* oh the amateurs!

  • 7:26 looks very similar to gta map 0-0

  • why at 8:43 if u pause it at right moment is their a X at 13:26-13:27 if u pause u see another red X

  • She is such a cute person!

  • She was so great! She seems so sweet and fun, I want to be friends with her lol! I hope to see her in future videos!

  • Great video! I would really love to see you "Rent a Family". I saw this in Japan a lot! Maybe also in the US? :-) - Best regards from germany!

  • Both great that this possibility exists, but also saddening - that even friendship has been commoditised. Sign of a deeply broken society :/

    • PS what is with the cut and paste comments? Bots ...

  • It's like that one book where they both die in the end

  • I can't with the parachute instructor. SUS.

  • 6:05 I had such a big smile

  • She was cool

  • I feel bad for all the mean comment the "sketchy" guy is getting :(. He's just playing an character, it's pretty normal for these kinds of activities to build up fear (something like that, my English bad). I've jumped off bridges and done this the people always act shady.

  • I wanna be there friend too😭 literally noticed that I haven't real friends while the pandemic.

    • After this there is going to be a lot of rebuilding going on. Hope we can all be kinder to each other.

  • I smiled like a dumbass during this entire video

  • I can’t help but think of Paul Walker every time Thomas laughs

  • This is the best. I miss Yes Theory. I'm just going to rewatch all your videos.

  • "This id Tommy" - "I am Tommy...I'm...also...part of this"

  • 7:11

  • U guys should go to Japan and rent a girlfriend

  • Where are the masks?

  • Now go around saying you rent a black girl 😂

  • Yes theory: “ look at you, you’re the captain now” PC Culture: TRIGEREEEDDDDDDDDDD!! 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Oh. Another one red X @13:33

  • Anyone else see that red X @8:44?

  • Hi ! Can u plz share website name ?

  • If I were rich I’d rent a friend because I’m shy

  • Plot twist to a plot twist: She's a 37yr old with a state I.D.... NEVER even got behind the wheel... Hence the reason she doesn't know where the "GO" button is. 🙄 (I'd love to say "conclusion".. But I can't. I'm in a rabbit hole) To be continued.... 🤣

  • Plot twist: She was the only one that replied to the ad... "Everyone else" was a fake profile created by them... Kids: DO NOT TRUST EVERYONE ONLINE. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • this looked so fun but that tattoo bad...

  • i’m crying he was so 😳 🤣🤣

  • i love this woman she’s so nice

  • Thomas tell your buddy to fasten his seat belt. Another enjoyable vlog we just love your Entertaining and engaging vlogs they are so generous and genuine keep up the great work.

  • What is the red ❌ at 8:45

  • Love these videos man you guys are amazing I enjoy these videos so much I watch him twice that lady was an amazing woman she had a smile from ear-to-ear the guy flying her around he was sketchy but the important thing was that y'all had a great time God bless each and everyone of you guys I'll just be surfing through your videos and loving every minute of it I need that positive energy everyday peace out all the way from Spain

  • Is it just me or was the paragliding guy so sketchy that l liked him

  • Liked the little reference to Good Will Hunting

  • She is so bubbly!

  • You guys always meet the most amazing people it's awesome ❤️

  • what does those red crosses mean im sorry for my english

  • This looks like fun! The only part I disagree with is the getting of the tattoos. Even if it was on her bucket list, I don't think a permanent mark is something you should be surprised with. I was traumatized for her.

  • These people are the masters of getting hella shit done in one day

  • Welcome to the world in 2021 where being nice is weird... smh

  • Damn i Love her tie-dye shirt so much!

  • You guys are amazing Love you, thanks for doing this

  • Great video😁😁😁😁

  • Hey guys, can you try hang out with David Goggins? Would be a awesome episode like every other.

  • Why didnt they continue wearing masks? It was Nonsense...

  • "Self-giving and self-transcendence are inseparable friends. They always meet together." Spiritual Master, Sri Chinmoy. love to you all from Koala Land :-)