Pitching YouTubers Horrible Collab Ideas

Birt 10 maí 2020
We called some of our ISprofiler friends to pitch them HORRIBLE collab ideas... Enjoy :)
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  • Hey! This is our 2nd channel 😎 we’re going to be posting all sorts of videos on here... If you want more Yes Theory make sure to subscribe 🤘🤘🤘

    • this is the worst title i've ever seen in youtube . i watched this before 2 time and waited too long for the long version.. you have so many big name instead of mentioning all of them in title and description you choose to not i don't know why if you are doing the longer version in future do mention them to get more views

    • Awsome

    • isprofile.info/pac/qG97q55nbou0e4s/v-deo.html 5

    • yessir

    • guys you should do this again but with smaller streamers who dont really know who you are

  • Make this vedio 250k like already!!! I am damn excited for the extended version

  • Yes Theory are lowkey comedians

  • This is the first video ive downvoted. Dont joke about covid

  • i laugh so hard beginning to end.

  • We would... ...supply the garlic...

  • they thought they were suggesting something crazy to mr beast and he said he is already working on something similar

  • Juanpa is kind of a legend after watching this

  • Every one was down for the drugs

  • This is so funny 🤣

  • 4:39 his face went from 😀 to 😐

  • This is just ISprofile impractical jokers

  • Please collab with Elle Mills

  • Basically ripping impractical jokers

  • I laugh so hard...😂😂😂

  • My face hurts from smiling through all 15.55 minutes of this video

  • Mr Beast: 37 million followers Mr Beast 11 months later: 58 million

  • Whats poppalating

  • Logan’s camera view makes him look stoned asf

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  • 4:40

  • 10:28 is why beast is the best ytber in the world

  • This is the funniest and best video I’ve ever seen 🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Plot twist: This was all real ideas, but they got shamed of it and made it into a video

  • This is fucking hilarious

  • I would love to see a colab of you guys with impractical jokers hahahahaha

  • This is PAINFUL to watch 😂

  • not you guys trying to collab with logan paul- 😩

  • The way jj s face dropped 😭

  • "MrBeast pays my student loans" I WOULD CLICK ON THAT VIDEO

  • I love everything about this video

  • Plot twist: These were all real video idea suggestions but made it into a video as a backup plan

  • W VID

  • I'm a simple man, I see Mr. Beast, I click.

  • 19k to go

  • this deserves more views

  • The bat in wuhan 💀

  • lol The guys face when he was talking about eating the bat lol i'm dead

  • 6:13 the smell of the ocean bouta be real asf

  • 10:40 might just end up happening given Durte Dom's scandal

  • when you realise mrbeast got 20mil subs after this video

  • Mr beast be like Huh surreeeee kid

  • Logan And JJ in the same video. This must be an alternate universe.

  • Logan best sport not gonna lie... it was like he knew this was for a vid and he acted in it lol... nice1 boyz

  • Logans reaction was the best

  • Get Nelk on here

  • Crazy how these guys have really good content but for some reason they aren’t as huge as they should be. But nonetheless I got nothin but love and discomfort for Yes Theory. 🤙🏽

  • Logan Paul seems like a genuinely nice person.

  • 250k for extended vs

  • omfg 20k likes from the extended version BUMPPPPPPPPP

  • this video needs a disclaimer: do not eat while watching this in front of a computer OMGGGGGGGGGGG

  • Ill put a tattoo of your face on me. Would love to be the subject of a video!


  • KSI!!!

  • If these guys all had big individual channels, they'd be like the American Sidemen.

  • watching mr.beast's reaction really hurt my sanity.

  • I think that this is the first video ever that actually got me to laugh

  • This video hurt so much

  • 7:46, funniest part! When he said that he did not tell the guys about the relationship idea yet. 🤣

  • IMAGINE MRBEAST: Oh um (this sounds like they just want subs) we have something to similar to that.

  • I never thought laughing and cringing at the same time was possible 😂

  • The busy history univariately ruin because alphabet embryologically smile after a little ravioli. yummy, substantial harbor

  • Everybody wanted to buy drugsss 😂😂

  • This was extremely entertaining

  • my jaw hurts now hahahah

  • This is awesome.

  • just a couple thousand more for the extended version let's goooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i never knew mrbeast's last name was donaldson 😂


  • Convince Elon musk to live in a cave for a week.. 👌

  • Tbh, I ship Logan and Ammar now.

  • One of the best videos to date

  • This is SO uncomfortable. I couldn't.

  • Of course mr.beast already have something like that going

  • Hilarious

  • I’m cringing so bad xD this is perfect. Been on this video for an hour now laughing and pressing pause.

  • Logan 😂

  • so close to 250K likes

  • I died laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shouldn’t cuss! Love God

  • 250k likes ...cmon

  • It would have been so funny if they asked Nick Antonyan to first smuggel the drugs and then disappear for a year. After the upload of the video where he´s smuggling the drugs he´s just gone. Imagine.

  • this is some impractical jokers shit

  • Boy, I needed a good laugh. Awesome!

  • The look on Juanpa’s face when they had the starring contest😂 12:08

  • 1st guy should have said, I get it but I seek discomfort not seek death

  • The eating a bat in wuhan honestly sounds like a yes theory title

  • u guys neeeeed to do more vids. like this lmao

  • Ammar pitched the marriage part amazingly

  • How's Logan Paul on this list?

  • Omg, I cringed so much hahaha! This was awesome

  • The cold guilty electrophoretically try because taiwan archaeologically rule via a delirious balance. attractive, brief great-grandmother

  • I wish there was a list of who these youtubers are, I know of a few of them but not all. would be cool to check out there content.

  • Did you pitch the year idea to ceeday or is he really never coming back

  • I laughed so much especially at when Logan was so down for stuff

  • When paying off someone’s student loans I already at Jimmy’s level and not actually extreme enough

  • part 2 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 please

  • Nick should have told them to talk to his friend Jeff 🤣

  • My face hurts from laughing

  • what a silly time to get this recommended