72 Hours With Strangers Who Have Seen Aliens

Birt 6 des 2020
A few months ago Ammar heard about an incredibly strange event in Massachusetts on September 1st 1969 where several people that didn’t know each other from the same town claim to have been abducted by aliens on the same evening. The story seemed so surreal and otherworldly that we had to go speak to the people directly... Here are their stories. What do you think?
The UFO monument park is in loving memory of the late, Dr Howard W. Reed.
Hosts: Thomas Dajer, Ammar Kandil, Sky Cowans and Eric Tabach
Editors: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry, Tristan Kevitch and Eric Tabach
Production coordinator: Alex Sandstedt and Tristan Kevitch
Directed by Ammar Kandil and Thomas Dajer
Thank you Eric Tabach for helping us capture and edit this video:
Thank you to Sky for pointing us towards this story:
Then of course thank you to Thom Reed and all of the other witnesses that were willing to speak to us and share their version of the story.
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  • notice how obama said i cant tell you while shaking his head yes....

  • first of all to the author..........ALIENS DONT EXIST! whatever u have seen,are not aliens,but DEMONS!!!! u heard me demons. Demons are all over the world and also the USA. Most of us wont see the demons.Cuz demons are in a different REALM> But if u see a demon, it means U are not a holy person. Meaning u live a reckless life,with sex drugs,stealing lying and even murder ect ect ecte ct.........Demons can only appear to people who have no protection from GD Almighty. When u are a child of GD,U will have a invicible burning faya that will surround U,and demons from the demonic realm cannot get close to U....U will even be able to command them to leave that place perpetually. But when or if U ever seen them,just know u have no protection..........if u were protected they would never get that close to U. remember the bible said,TOUCH NOT MY ANNOINTED. u wanna go and hunt aliens? ahahahahahhahaha............demons have enormous powa.They can take downn a plane in seconds.An d if U have seen 1 or some..........calling them aliens......U are possessed .These are creatures from the invicible world. they can appear as a human ,animal...even a rock. u wanna keep messing with things u have no understanding about? children will see when they atre young,cuz of their innocent

  • When Obama nods his head yes when he says he can't tell you says it all.

  • This will probably age well in a few years.

  • You said it all. It's VERY difficult to go back to a "normal" life and not even be able to talk to your family about it. That's honestly the worst part of the experiences for some of us.

  • I've seen it I saw it when I look up in the sky at 7:49 I saw it when I saw it it's like a star but no it glows like a rainbow it's like those strip lights that are rainbows and it's not even moving it's just there waiting to invade us it's true I saw it I wish I could picture it but my phone is to low places share this coment

  • Check out .Gina Marie Colvin hill on ISprofile she is smashing it with UFO stuff .all NEW stuff .

  • I've seen one already at daytime in germany at quite close distance and recorded it on video. A white cigar shaped ufo flying maybe about 110 Miles an hour whithout any Things like wings or visible propulsion. About 7 people saw it with me.

  • I came here to see for myself if I want to believe this is true or not. After seeing their real expressions I think this is true. There are 2 main theories. The first one, aliens. The second one, government, and its secret weapons. However, the second one doesn't make sense. Why would the government go to some city when they have secret locations? Also, if they wanted to test on people they would do so quietly and without witnesses. It is a fact that some governments made experiments on people. They would just take somebody without anyone noticing. So the government theory is not a possibility to me. I cannot think of some other theory than the alien one. Theory about aliens experimenting on people is not something new and it gives more credibility to the story. I honestly think that aliens did kidnap those people. But, in fact, if you don't experience it yourself, you won't be able to truly understand.

  • "about 5 barn high" Americans will use anything to measure before meters

  • How much crack did she consume

  • In 1985 me my wife and 2 very close friends were driving home on from a short holiday, was driving down a country lane in the middle off nowhere and we seen a large flashing light as we were approaching it was a large oval shaped aircraft and it literally moved away so quickly. We all still tell people the story till this day and nobody believes us🤣

  • Love the channel! ...but nah it ain’t aliens :/

  • It could be us from the future, either way, there are too many sightings to tell people there crazy.

  • I have a theory on aliens and wormholes, wormholes would be used by aliens by forcefully opening wormholes to travel at high speed

  • My dad saw one when he was a kid!!so yes thier are aliens! I believe him when he told me the story my dads a serious guy with no time for stupid things!

  • The government has lied to us for decades why believe anything they tell us now!!yes thier are aliens and yes will be ok don’t believe what the government tells you!!

  • The woman in the beginning is is telling you the truth. I had an experience in 97 in NC. The way she explained levitation and paralysis was what I experienced. Brilliant light but doesn't hurt your eyes. I never seen the object, just remembered having the feeling something was after me. I took off running and then got lit up by the light and started levitate face towards the ground. I remember hyperventilating. Lost 2hrs of time I couldn't recollect... Didn't realize what happened until a day later.

  • Ufo is American agent. Here in Asia we not see UFO

  • Her story of abduction is scary similar to Travis Watson’s on jre!

  • I looked into it and everywhere I look, it says that coin with the messages on the moon was made in Worcester Massachusetts not Berkshire Massachusetts. Those towns are on opposite sides of the state so it's a bit of a stretch

  • I had a very big UFO over my house, over me with white intense lights; it was winter and a very clear sky, at 5:10am, tempt was + 4°C My house is around 150m2, it was bigger than my house, cannot forget it.

  • Ok so many people have seen these spheres of light including myself. They look like plasma up close and finally someone else is describing the ocean wave inside.

  • Nah, I only judge when there are clear signs that the person is either lying, or trying to make themselves believe in something that clearly isn't there. I'll judge them for that, no hesitation. The thing about this subject is that there's a lot of people that want to believe SO MUCH, that they much rather take something and instantly label it "alien" or something equally extraordinary - when that isn't the case. People tend to lean towards the thing they WANT to believe, instead of facing facts or clear signs that shows the opposite. Example, the amount of videos and photos of Starlink I've seen the past year, where people posting are going "Saw these last night, I've thought about different explanations but I just can't find something that fits. It must be alien, look at it!" or posts/comments very similar to it - only to be proven minutes later that what they have seen, was in fact just Starlink. People want to believe SO SO much in this, that they actively go out of their way to almost ignore common sense and critical thinking, just so that it fits their own agenda or belief. That's a problem. And it's also why this subject can't be taken seriously, because there are so many people out there (mostly Americans) that tend to ignore facts and logical explanations for these events. I believe there is something going on out there, absolutely. But such a large portion of these occurrences and events can be explained. But a lot of people refuse to listen to common sense.

  • its all bout Militarisation of space!! Thats why they create SpaceForce. don't be fooled.

  • i believe most of whats being told exept for the part where the woman said she could turn off electronics just by being near them. when she said that i began to doubt SOME of her story.

  • I wish your generation would stop using the f word over and over! You’re intelligent. Stop it. It demeans what you say!

  • "five barns high" is the most country thing i've ever heard

  • Shows up with a steel briefcase, dazzles then next with a limo...hoodwinked 1 and 2...then the cowboys james dean house? That's 3....nice psych tricks employed there to draw u in to their supposed authenticity...then all the 'credentials'...lol ..so classic...did you VERIFY his supposed credentials and experience of the cowboy or just what HE told u? AND the loopy blonde? I dont even have to, she does all the work herself that one

  • Melody you touched my heart. Blessings for your courage

  • I believe it, I remember as a young adult, seeing a ufo and to this day- I haven’t forgotten. Definitely an experience you never forget.

  • Oh and let's see the bible really until you how one third of the Stars would be wiped out after Revelation 12 October 19th 2012 no matter what you hear on the internet astronomical had to be precise or a whole universe will be colliding in together come on now and of course they had it wrong 2012 they didn't like saying that too much even the so-called people who were studying the Bible and thought they had it right in 2017 sorry that's when Baphomet came into existence in South Africa when Easter landed on April Fool's Day she mini Christmas come on people ISprofile getting to be a repeat rewashed hashshiba hash tag > seen better days...or DOS.. before you guys are all born data Strokes that was a fallen angels internet it was only for space missions and intelligence when they had it over to the public and became a toy from manipulation but at first it always is..till teeth start showing. First rule nothing is in humans favor then go from there

  • Yeah how long are you going to repeat this story only the idiots are the ones trying to keep the cover-up Iowa kind of cover-up can you possibly have these days he has to be a complete idiot not to see it's true we're surrounded by aliens my whole neighbors are aliens the freaking world in Alien man we've had full fledged invasion if you're a true skeptic we're not dragging this on much longer for you to better get into the real world and fast get a high step in babe!!! Bottom line it's a fallen angels and they're getting ready for Jesus return so I'm pretty much toast anyway won't survive that forbidden fruit why it's called a rescue.. OR A sad.remeemie...haha

  • Aliens are demons... .. technology and science are a cheap imitation created by the demons aka aliens to imitate the lord's creations...

  • All cool apart from the segment at the end about the “disk for the moon landing was made in the Berkshires 6 weeks before the sightings” lol. That really has nothing to do with this.

  • ok. you should buy yourselves a copy of the dsm-V

  • He saw one ? .. Was he a white supremest with orange hair.

  • I feel like there were more than 1 aliens that arrived

  • should’ve recorded the alien encounters

  • 1969, funny

  • What a beautiful and humble woman at about 15minutes that tells her abduction story.. those f*cking aliens don't have the right to take people up and do what they want as if we were rats

  • This was the best I’ve always believed in aliens and I believe they’re trying to make another civilization by hybrid and I definitely believe the government is apart of the plan that’s why they’re trying to make civilization in space

  • Once Obama said, he ask about..Interviewer said and, Obama can't talk about it, confirms there are Aliens.

  • You can read up on them; in the book of Ezekiel.

  • We are the creations of these UFOs. We were created like them. So if you guys are wondering how they look like? Well they look like us. They have been coming back to Earth for their routine follow ups of their human creation. Mainly with our DNAs. Thats why we are a brilliant beings.

  • Melanie claims that she blows up computers and shut off lights. Did you ask her to show you????

  • this feels like a horror film

  • Trying to convince people ufo exist is like trying to convince people it’s ok to breath fresh air without a mask.

  • Come on June

  • It has been exposed they are demons

  • I believe them 💚👽

  • isprofile.info/level/PL5ssqvJD0cGrvDNHxfZMk4dfJ0gsAFk6o

  • All about ad revenue

  • Another outstanding documentary by Yes theory, I enjoy this content so much ❤

  • I believe we're hybrids of aliens and God man.I feel someone created us but when they tell stories of virgin mary god came down I feel aliens abduction and maybe to a number of virgin women back then we are descendents of them and man.Even jesus half man from Mary and half alien and over time we've evolved more advanced from our alien 🧬.I been thinking of this type of stuff looking at videos I believe in aliens but not god Jesus was manipulated by man to control man probably.

  • Thumbnail Makes me not want to believe you.....js

  • Why does shit like this mostly happen in America? Or are Americans just talking about it the most?

  • go to a methadone clinc there's aliens in plain sight I could have told you this 25 years ago.

  • It’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when

  • One joint, and you can see aliens all over the sky 🤣

  • Around 2009 my brother and I were driving through some back roads in upstate NY and right about 1am while driving we looked through the windshield to see the craziest bright white/blueish burning light that didn't seem to be more than maybe a couple miles at most from where we were. It was streaking at about a 45° angle from northwest angle towards south east with a clear billowing smoke trail flowing from the almost comet looking structure. The colors and lights were like nothing we've ever seen, we were both chilled to the bone and goosebumps riddled we decided to get the hell outta there and get back home. We know what we saw and it was easy for us to decide it mustve been a ufo, from the distance it was from us and the speed and altitude it was falling from it had to be about 100 meters in circumference and was almost terrifyingly beautiful to witness.

  • I will tell you what I see a bounch of teen try to make some kinda reportage with camera

  • I seen one a few years ago from about 30ft, completely noiseless, rectangular, one half red, the other blue, approx 8ft x 4ft. Was night and just as i noticed it, it slipped off over a wooded hill about 300 yards away.

  • Another small step, for man.

  • You look like you’d play Brendan Schaub in a movie about Joe Rogan

  • These events happened. People need to take this seriously and appreciate how frightening this is.

  • amar is the perfect representation of a marshmallow

  • of course aliens exist.. they created us.

  • Hi mate, last year i saw ufos on australia men, itwas terrorific, now Im in chile, a dangerous place, but good for mining bitcoin

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  • Ive seen them a number of times and i also had that experience of lying on a table too real for a dream and they look like humans almost spoke a strange language and showed no emotion. Thats what i remembered.

    • The strange booming sound of unknown language being spoken to me but from within my own mind to me was the most terrifying aspect of all. No idea what was being said but at the same time I felt the words power.. sounds insane but gives me chills everytime I think of it.

    • At 8 years old I had the feeling that when I would go to bed I would be taken. Every night for months it seemed, the second I would close my eyes I would have the feeling of being pure energy in a dark gray infinite space and hear an unknown language that seemed to be telling me something that I couldn't figure out but the booming voice would also seem to control the way I could feel the spacious energy of myself. It would speak and I would shrink to an almost microscopic point of space feeling so overwhelmed with fear of never coming back or feeling like I had no control. There was nothing to see in this space just a feeling of knowing you are this amount of space in a seemingly endless amount of infinite space that sometimes felt close and sometimes too far away. I also have fragmented imagery of seeing the typical small greys surrounding me while I'm laying on a table with almost a dentist style light over my face, with just about the same description as the older lady from the lake portion of this video. I would be lying on the table paralyzed but awake with immense fear and and unknown language seemingly being spoken through my mind and themselves without seeing their mouth move. On the table with the light in my eyes and paralyzed I could feel a strong pain that was inescapable within me, like I was being operated on in and under my skin. I couldn't yell out but only hear a whisper in myself crying out stop and help. It sounds crazy I know but I also dream a lot and even in my more immersive dreams that I realize I am dreaming in with such realistic emotions they do no come close to the realism and terror of the memories I have from between 5-8 years old. A memory that seems dreamlike in recollection but more real than anything I've ever experienced and is completely unforgettable. I can remember the exact feeling of lying in bed and being afraid to close my eyes because the second I would close them I would instantaneously be transported into this terrifyingly full but empty space with a bellowing voice speaking words unknown that seemed to control what I would visualize emotionally. Hard to explain but I did my best. Years later when I was 23 I went to my girlfriends grandfathers house in Massachusetts for his funeral and the night before his funeral we slept in his room, as I layer down beside her while she was sleeping, as soon as my head hit the pillow and before my eyes closed I had the same exact feeling of what I would have when I was about 8 years old. I immediately knew what was happening in a split second and willingly closed my eyes to relive my old nightmare in a possibly new understanding. I closed my eyes and the exact same voice and dark space enclosed and surrounded me, I felt control over the space I could feel of my own energy and could shrink or enlarge the space I took up in comparison to the surrounding infinite space. It felt more that the voice was guiding me into a type of Astral presence and plane that I was to know was dangerous to explore by the voice but at the same time the voice was letting me know that this Astral type of feeling I was flowing in was OK and able to absorb information that otherwise would be impossible within our reality of understanding. Confusing and hard to explain but I believe in a way that whatever happened to me when I was young was because of entering some kind of Astral plane or other dimension through my sleep, unsafely and due to that I was frightened but assured by some unknown force that made me emotionally visualize and perceive real life outside of what we know. Pain, fear, paralysis, unknown vibrational sound and feeling was present, and a dream like state that obscured my knowledge and understanding of what possibly happened to me.

  • Dear aliens, Could you please explain the procedures you’re conducting on humans because my imagination is scaring the crap out of me.

  • A Must watch video below Jim Sparks, a known Abductee. In all the UFOLOGY videos I've seen. Jim Sparks is the real deal as an Alien abductee. Give it 5 minutes. You'll end up watching the whole video. isprofile.info/pac/i22up2hiZpm1q3s/v-deo.html

  • Can I ask what was there age when they saw the thing and how old are they now? I wish u could mention that

  • Its blue beam flash before projecting hologram

  • This is a very very very good documentary. Thank you for sharing

  • I have seen Alien, Aliens and Alien 3. Even Alien Resurrection.

  • bravo!

  • Join the Dots and be aware of your reality The human mind is sadly not developed enough to comprehend our vision is very poor we see less than 1% of the light spectrum our hearing and sense of smell and so on ..Our interlect is very low compared with what we are dealing with .. Sadly in comparison to the entities humans have not even invented the Wheel.

  • 72 hours with millinieals

  • if the president at the time, can not speak about aliens as its not gonna be good to hear about them. They aint hear to save mankind

  • Good jobs guys hooood freken job

  • Already i dont trust the bald guy. Why he turn up in a limo??? Seems a bit flamboyant. Thats a liars trait

    • phzoot, Yes but, he obviously had some experience , he needs to tell his story to people who want to believe, he wants validation, wouldn’t you?

  • Watch cosmic disclosure on Gaia

  • I am 65 years old and I have seen space crafts on our farm in South Africa when I was 13 years old, but I do not want to talk about it on TV. I do not want to feel like a fool!

  • isprofile.info/pac/sGx2lKemaYnSY3c/v-deo.html

  • The whole alien thing is just like the movie mirage men.

  • It's funny that I never believed in anything in life, no god, no spirituality, no astral dreams and I laughed at people who saw UFOs as I often called them retards Yet experienced 7 extraterrestrial events without my volunteer The first one is the only one I'm going to share here, it was exactly how this video described, funny enough I studied other videos as they told a diferent version of UFOS that I could never relate to my history. I saw 3 little flashing lights at 10.000 meters like a commercial airplane in the night just like any other you see in the sky, it was 23:45pm, 24 December, 2007 near a military base in Argentina, I noticed that this plane was strange than the normal ones, which often have only two lights and one blinking red, suddenly one of those little flash lights dropped from sky at 20-50x faster than a jet, followed by the second and the last one, spinning and rotating, making manoveurs at full speed as they reached 100m above my head they were now 3 enormous ovals shining white lights of the size at least of 2 to 4 street blocks, as they stopped the maneuvers then they returned to the original "commercial airplane" state, reagrouped again. I watched them until they disappeared from the sky. It was so fast it took less than 10 seconds to drop from 10.000m to 100m and lasted less than 10 minutes all of this. It was like seeing fireworks but UFOS

  • 17:10 🌺

  • This is Jane Green, the mother: isprofile.info/pac/g45neHSkbKa0rn8/v-deo.html

  • Check out The Behavior Panel, they made three episodes analyzing the body language of Thom Reed and his mother, and they believe they were telling the truth. The one with Thom Reed is in two parts. isprofile.info/pac/j6B3p6Riapq9q4s/v-deo.html

  • UFO=demonic deception. They are fallen Angles and they will be used to explain the missing. Soon. MARANATHA!! Oh Lord come!

  • Kill all the ads.

  • that limo looked like a ufo


  • Stomach pains and levitation? 🍄

  • Point of just for technology? Or something more

  • OK if they're oute thear then wat the point? Make no sense

  • Life. Nobadi don't now how happen nathing end that exactly make end its the point like the meaning of your own mynd

  • If aliens exit then I welcome them to my country India🇮🇳...