I Moved In With Ice Man For 24 Hours... (Wim Hof)

Birt 13 des 2020
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*Do not try to replicate the same challenges we do in this video*. You can however experiment with the Wim Hof Method through Wim's App or by listening to his book on Audible! If you have any acute medical conditions, consult with your doctor beforehand.
Check out Zac's version of the video on his channel Zac and Jay!
After almost 2 years after our initial documentary with Ice Man (Wim Hof) in Poland... Thomas went back to see him for another crazy adventure.
The Wim Hof method really is an incredible way to reset your mind and body. The combination of breath-work and cold-exposure helps you tap into deeper, more meditative, parts of your brain and gain more control in your every day life.
Here's the link to the original documentary if you haven't seen it!
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  • Can’t believe I got myself into this again 😆 only someone with Wim’s positive energy could convince me. What a day! What was your favorite moment?!

    • Give up seeking comfort and paradoxically, discomfort leaves with it. Same goes with any pleasure/pain dynamic, for one NEEDS the other to even exist.

    • We need more of wim🥺❤️

    • Respect

    • May I ask why you have a red spot under your lip every video. Is it herpes?

    • So many favourite moments! hahaha Living with Wim would be a laugh riot on a daily basis!

  • Pretty sure Wim is the reincarnation of Jesus

  • If i heard It right, you call it at 0:35 a documentary by yourself xD

  • The phrase "Be cool!" has a new meaning in Wim's universe. I am surprised the Hof family does not sell T-shirts with Wim's "Jumanji face" and the words BE COOL! on them. It would sell like... hot cake. (No pun intended.) I would DEFINITELY buy one. Size XL. Another bright idea for a bestselling product: the standard "evolution" T-shirt, with Wim Hof as the latest shape of human kind, with his hoodie Jedi dress and beard, and the words written under the graphics: The History of Man. From Homo Erectus to Homo Frost. (As in: latin for Ice Man...) In a way, its the circle of the existence of our species: we started out as cavemen, and we will end up as Wim Hof, if we want to survive. So when the next Ice Age comes, we are well prepared... Now that's what I'd call The True Evolution of human existence. (Ah man, I wish I was Wim's marketing manager... I got a bunch of other brill ideas... :)

  • Why is no one talking about how this guy looks eeringly like Robin Williams?

  • when whim opens up the door the winter goes straight to summer

  • "You swim in here too?", "Yeah, once" lmfao

  • AWESOME Part 2 w/Win Hoff !!!! 👏👏👏 I liked the 11 minute soak in ice water : I saw a noticeable STRENGTH in Thomas ( Carl ?) The French-Swedish dude - it was fascinating to see his change from APPARENT DISCOMFORT when he first did that in Poland & how he later MASTERED the Soak later ? BRAVO, Thomas-Carl - whoever spent 24 hours w/WH from YesTheory? 👏👏👏

  • I desperately need this but oh dear it looks painful, but so is being depressed, is there a middle way?

  • My goal is to complete a full IRONMAN event this year at 62 years old, but unfortunately I have two Titanium knees, it’s never been done before and I will be the first, I’m signed up for the 2021 California inaugural Sacramento IRONMAN Oct 24th, can you help make my dream come true?

  • I’ve started using Wim Hofs breathing technique and oh my god... one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever witnessed, so at peace. Especially as someone who deals with depression, after I do this, I feel normal and energized.

  • Wim is so an energetic man, i love it so much. How he is laughing and he has this pure energy in him. Its so cool man, it doesnt matter what is he is so relaxed and cool. Also its so funny, that wim is so relaxed in the bath and he is so concentrated 😂 I want to meet him once in my live 👍🏻❤

  • i dont feel bad about thomas ifeel bad for wims neigbors 7:59

  • Priceless! You and Wim together in the barrel ice bath is priceless, too funny! Thanks for going back to visit him, sincerely appreciate the video!

  • Gentlemans club

  • I like the mercy but the one I want is out of stock ahhahahaha

  • @mrbeast where u at?

  • Wim is one of the most crazy, wise, funny and interesting person...would absolutley love to meet Wim(puns)! Seeing that positivity in Thomas have risen tons since last time also made me happy! Also, next time i go to swimming, and the water feels cold, i remember Wim-s wise words - "Keep your hands on your thighs!"

  • Idk but i kinda see the vibes of uncle Iroh in Wim hahaha

  • Imagine walking into your house and you see this: 12:25

  • This looks like fking Viking training. Awesome!

  • Are you ready for some dipping *stares into soul*

  • A ok is that wims main code him ha

  • Crazy sum beach, 10:15 just drink the cool aide like good kooks

  • Wim Hoff 💓💓💓💓

  • He has so much charisma

  • This whole video is just 2 men screaming at each other

  • "thwee weeks" - thomas

  • Come to Bangladesh

  • Never thought Thomas would go back ! Brilliant video what 24hr he lives

  • Wim reminds me alot of that gentleman Mick from Wolf creek 🤗

  • a big freezer :D nice

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  • isprofile.info/pac/hIJnl6lmjqnTjKU/v-deo.html 🙏🏻🎈

  • Hello ...music from the beginning?

  • Bro I’m Dutch and some things he said don’t make no sense for Americans but they do for the Dutch (no offense)

  • The creepy syria rapidly cycle because male conceptually part around a clammy barber. nasty, cynical yak

  • Tbh I’m surprised this guy isn’t Russian


  • This guy is the best

  • 11:09put on pause is so funny

  • I like that blue/brownish coat at the end of the video what’s the name of it?!?!

  • Truly beautiful and amazing

  • “Sing, sit, be mysterious” I need a room like that too.

  • The man is a real life yoda!!

  • Looking back at it now I can see how much the Dali lama’s words stuck

  • who needs coffee? (plunges into the water) This is pure COCAINE.. :))

  • blowing in the wind is a bob dylan song

  • The funny clarinet family queue because motorboat unusually burn through a nippy postage. fretful, silent increase

  • 3:26 me and the boys trying to summon a ghost at 3AM

  • That was wonderful!!!!!

  • "pure cocain"

  • Not “pure caffeine” but “pure cocaine”

  • 11:15

  • Anyone else catch that Bob Dylan lyric?

  • Glad to know Wim likes Bob Dylan, those those who caught the reference!

  • what if you never wake up thats scary

  • such a wholesome experience

  • Thank you. I love Wim. Pure Inspiration.

  • What can i say he lives in the right country

  • I like how he made a film with him the second time

  • Day 6 of trying to get Yes Theory to come to South Africa 🇿🇦

  • Wim is 1 met de natuur

  • Really awesome work, Thomas!!

  • I nominate Wim to lead the world.

  • I want to know if anyone caught a cold after doing this... aside from Ice Man whose made this part of his everyday life ... ‘they’ say that cold doesn’t make u sick but I would like to know if any of the guys got a cold 🥶 after from the exposure to extreme cold on and off.... scientific 🧪 research lol 😁 but fr

  • This guy is onto something.. I'm currently doing kind of the same thing.. Except my discomfort isn't the cold.. It's being nice to people and with compassion.. I do some very crazy fitness and pushing of kids own body, but just not for the cold.. though I know it does great work for your immune system contrary to popular belief.. It helps promote good blood flow on the blood brain barrier

  • *ArE yOu ReAdY FoR sOmE DiPpInG*

  • Wim looks like one of the wizards from skyrim.

  • Is the book free?.

  • Thomas is like the only one I like watching from yes theory idk why

  • "Hey manh this is pure cocaine" lmaoo😂😂 I died 😂

  • That’s so true , I was in deep depression for 8 years , then last year I just found the power in me and break it and go out of this nightmare

  • "We gonna go until we...show." I hope it didnt mean what i think it meant

  • 🥰❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭

  • The nimble pencil anatomically sip because element metrically zip afore a hanging tulip. lumpy, selfish jellyfish

  • and thats how you survive titanic

  • wow i am really admiring wim gonna check out his app and book

  • Neighbors: Fucking Wim Hof again...

  • Haha the moment in the ice bath was too golden.

  • Props to Thomas for even accepting this after last time.

  • he reminds me of anomaly`s dad

  • This man looks like robin Williams

  • Does he follow stoicism?

  • I don't envy much, but waking up to hearing Wim toning while playing his guitar... WOW! That'd be a life long memory for sure.

  • This cured my depression right away.

  • Anyone got a fealing that ice man should be a master jedi

  • This man thinks he's one with nature/environmental friendly. Look at the amount of energy this man uses in one single day 😂

  • He really looks like Robin Williams in the first Jumanji movie lol

  • LOL , FU,,C,ING HELL 🤣 😂 😆

  • I think he will be the longest living man

  • Found Wim and his method over a year ago and been following him since then and i love how eccentric and full of energy he is! Been bad at taking care of myself lately and this video is giving me the push to get back into cold showers again, i know they really make me feel energetic and good. Keep up the good work guys :)

  • The way is JESUS

  • Wow he’s gonna live long

  • He is so positive man i love him.

  • Wow why im seeing this so late, I live literally next door.

  • 17:00 big truth! We are taught to be obedient slaves instead of taught to be survivors and eventually, shapers of our own reality. Education is controlled by those who need slaves so that they can move people like pawns on a chess table.

  • Did Wim just make a Dylan reference and they don't get it? 11:30

  • Could have watched an hour of that, shame it wasn't longer. Awesome...documentary...

  • I think more viking than that is literally not possible.